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We get it more than anyone! You need help in your business but the thought of looking for a VA is overwhelming. Have no fear… we are here! We want to connect our students with qualified job leads and you’re overwhelmed in your business and need an extra hand. Fill out the form below and we will connect you with the right applicants who have gone through our program and are eager to start working for you. Our students are equipped to help you with admin support, social media marketing, web updates, content management, event planning and so much more!

Just fill out the application below, we will send the opportunity out to our community of freelancers who have completed our program and within 48 hours, qualified candidates will follow. Need a little extra help? For a small fee, we can handle the interview process and narrow down your leads to just two qualified Virtual Assistants. We will also help you onboard your new assistant for success!

Our Moto? Connection meets collaboration. We’re here to lift each other up, collaborate on your project and connect creatively, because when women succeed, then the entire community thrives.


Every VA works as a contractor and will have their own rates but to give you an idea, most beginner VA’S charge $20-$25 an hour. For an experienced or specialized VA, you can pay anywhere from $40-$70 an hour depending on the task. 

The more specific you can be in your job description and what you’re looking for, the better results you’ll get.

First and foremost, you will get a lot of applicants so don’t be overwhelmed! Read all of the emails that you get and filter out the ones that you immediately don’t jive with. Book a meeting with the ones you feel fit your personality and brand.  Personality is huge especially if you will be working with someone long term. Find the applicants that you actually enjoy talking to. Next, ask about their experience and keep in mind, some VA’s are just starting out so they may not have client recommendations yet or a big portfolio but what is most important here is that you are asking about their overall experience. What kind of tasks have they done in past positions? How will their life experience benefit you and your company? For example, if they are a mom, you bet they are amazing multitaskers! 

We sure can! This isn’t our first rodeo but we do know it may be your first time hiring a new VA so we are here to help! For an extra fee, we will be happy to match you up with the perfect VA. We will take care of the interviews and will narrow our selection down to the two VA’s that we feel are best for your company. We will even walk you through the onboarding process to make sure everything goes smoothly! 

Once you fill out the application, our team will send out your requirements to our VA’s via our email list and we will also post it in our private Facebook group. We encourage everyone to get in touch with you within 48 hours.  If you need help narrowing down your selection, just let us know! For an extra fee, we will help you make your selection and walk you through the onboarding process. 


Whether it’s a brand identity, new website, photography, administrative and customer service tasks, social media management, program launches, web updates, blogging or even your next tattoo design, we can match you up with a creative gal who will make it happen. Fill out the form below and let’s make a connection. Within 48 hours, you will be connected with the perfect freelancer to get the job done!