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How I send invoices, collect payments, create community, craft workflows, export financials, and SO much more

Ok, so y’all know being an entrepreneur is hard work right? We are constantly juggling several balls in the air and it can be very exhausting! If we aren’t serving our clients, we are catching up on bookkeeping, emails, sending contracts, trying to get information out of clients, asking for feedback and the list goes on!

Enter the scene: Honeybook…

Honeybook has drastically changed the way we do business. From our standpoint, we are no longer chasing after clients to pay their invoice, we can send contracts with the click of a button, questionnaires and feedback forms are as easy as the flick of a wand and all of our communication with clients is now organized in one place. The best part… It can be all AUTOMATED! Heck yes to more time, more freedom and our clients being nurtured throughout the entire process!

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WHY DID WE choose


The client onboarding process is totally automated! Aside from a zoom call to get to know a client, the rest of the onboarding process is totally automated from contracts to payments, questionnaires and more.


I’m in the industry of serving clients and knew that they deserved more than what I was physically able to give them 24/7. Honeybook keeps all my contracts, invoices, agreements and email communication so it’s one place I can go for everything related to our clients.


You can send a proposal to a client that already contains an agreement and invoice. If the client is good with the proposal, they can sign it and we can get right to work for them without the back and forth of emails.


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I used to use a different client management software program until one of my clients had Honeybook. Once I started working with the platform for her, I knew I had to switch. Honeybook takes the best of what you would want from a client management software and integrates it seamlessly with your workflow.

Honeybook takes care of your invoices and payment, allows you to brand all of your proposals and client communication and even allows for an easy signing of contracts for your clients. The simplicity of setting up a fully automated workflow is possibly the best part of Honeybook… and that it syncs up with my Google Calendar to book meetings and keep me focused.

I am ready to try it out