I started my career as a Virtual Assistant over 5 years ago now. My story starts like many others and probably the same way your story will start. I wanted to find a way to stay home with my babies and still make an income.  I found my first client and was able to juggle making playdough and trips to the park with managing my client’s newsletters, inbox, and social media marketing.  I spent many days rushing to my desk during naptimes and working after bedtime. It wasn’t long after those first clients that I decided to outsource and hire a team to help me grow.  My small one women show soon turned into a full VA agency with dozens of clients, team members and a schedule and career that I absolutely loved.  To this day, I still manage clients and have an amazing team of women who have my back but now, my focus is on educating and inspiring other women to leave their 9-5 desk behind and teach them that they too, can work from home!  There is nothing like empowering women to take those first few steps at launching their own business and absolutely nothing beats getting the ” I got a client” message from one of my students.

The idea of working from home and putting all of my behind the scenes business knowledge to use to help other small businesses wasn’t a thought that had crossed my mind until a friend of mine introduced me to the term “Virtual Assistant”. It was the first that I had ever heard of the concept of a VA and I was hooked! I jumped head first into the world of freelancing by connecting with a matchmaker who paired me up with an amazing client and held my hand and walked me through all the first steps. Finding the support to start and find success with this new endeavour is when I realized the power of a supportive community to help you live your dreams.

I very quickly became fully booked with clients and needed to hire subcontractors to help in their unique areas of expertise. Within a year, I had dozens of clients and a team of incredible and powerful women helping each client run their business in areas we excelled to see them reach success. My agency, WellCurated Co. had a continuous waitlist of our ideal clients and to this day, we are still committed serving and helping women rock their businesses.

With all of this busyness and excitement, something still didn’t feel right. With a never-ending waitlist, I knew my next step in my mission to help female creative entrepreneurs was to empower and reach women on a global scale and do what my community did for me, teach them how to launch and run their very own Virtual Assistance business. I knew that by helping clients, I was helping to buy them more freedom with their family, but what about all the other women out there… The ones who have yet to start their own business but desperately want to but just don’t know how? The ones who were getting up early and staying up late trying to juggle a 9-5 career with children to feed and a home to care for? What about the women out there who wanted to travel the world but didn’t have enough vacation time?

In this realization of empowering the everyday woman, Propel To Digital Freedom was born. The desire to help even more women to genuinely LOVE their life and have the FREEDOM to actually enjoy it is what drives me every single day! Welcome to Propel To Digital Freedom– you are welcome here and we know you will do amazing things.

5 FACTS about

1. I was a wedding and boudoir photographer for 6 years.
2. I have a green thumb and love shopping for indoor plants or digging in my garden.
3. I hired my entire team through Instagram
4. In 2018, I had a major breakdown and burnt out big time. I now teach women how to avoid burn out and live a life of harmony!
5. I HATE the word Hustle and think the #girlbosshustlemovement needs to end! HARMONY is the word that drives me now.

to Speak

I specialize in educating and coaching creative women through their marketing strategies. I love to chat about anything to do with entrepreneurship, working from home as a mom, photography and marketing.



“I’m so glad I found Noella and the WellCurated team. It was the best business decision I’ve ever made. Social media was just another thing I had my to-do list that I would skip over, even though I know it’s important. The WellCurated team doesn’t just put out content, they care about your business enough to really think about your needs and what you want to get out of social media to plan what goes out. They make sure everything is taken care of and they are organized to get things done.”

Jasmin Pickens

Noella has helped me accomplish far more than I could on my own. As a busy professional who is starting a new business, I try to accomplish as much as I can in a short amount of time.

Noella takes on many of the tasks that I could not get to or do on my own and brings my vision to life. She is lovely and incredibly knowledgeable. She has streamlined my process and helped me achieve great results.

Tofino Soap Co.

“I’m so happy I found Noella and her crew when I did. We’ve been able to work together so closely that they can anticipate my needs and more often than not they are telling ME what to do to make my business more successful. We work as a team now, all with the same goal in mind.

It’s incredible to work with a group of people all cheering you on and working hard to see you succeed. I know that the entire crew at Well Curated cares for my business like it is their own and that makes all the difference”

Twyla Jones

Noella has been indispensable to me and my business from the start! Her amazing creative ideas and attention to detail have helped create a business and brand I am extremely proud of and which wouldn’t have happened without her.

No task is too small or too big and she always delivers on time. She is a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend her services enough, you won’t be disappointed.

Carry on Wandering

“I can’t thank Noella and her talented team enough for helping me grow my photography and coaching business over the past couple of years.  I adore having these talented women in my life to support my business on a day to day basis, take care of creative decisions that are inline with my vision and to look after contact with my clients with love and care.  Having Noella on my team has meant that I can get on with growing my business, focus on being more creative and have more joy.”

Carla Coulson