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I help creative entrepreneurs successfully launch and run their online businesses. Digital marketing and business strategy is my jam. I have been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years and decided that it was time that I shared all of my knowledge. I created Propel to Digital freedom because I knew that there were so many women out there that wanted to work remotely but never actually knew it was possible. Being able to stay home while raising your children, pack a suitcase and travel the world or hey, be able to work from home your pjs are all possible when you’re a Virtual Assistant or Freelancer. Propel to digital was built around the idea of freedom and that we all deserve to live a life that we love and enjoy and not just on the weekends!


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Launch Your Own Freelance Business in 12 Weeks

Freedom isn’t just a fancy buzzword killer boss babes use to describe their life, exemplified by a flawless social media feed. Freedom is what really happens when you take control of your life.

Propel to Digital Freedom is a 12 week online course that teaches you how to launch your very own Virtual Assistance business. Throughout the course, you’ll learn how you can have a career that allows you to work from home, the beach or your fav coffee shop. You’ll gain tried & tested knowledge to regain the freedom in your life and find room for what really matters to you.


Becoming a Virtual Assistant was something that had been on my radar but seemed out of my reach, and I wasn’t sure where to start. Hearing about the Propel to Digital Freedom Program it sounded like exactly what I needed and I decided to jump right in. Taking a course that was put together from a team of women who excel in different fields was the greatest decision. There are so much content and knowledge, it left me fully prepared and I was able to launch my business within months of starting the course. I felt a true connection with Noella & her team who supported and encouraged me throughout my journey. I could never put a true value on everything I have learned and how it has helped me to grow my business and gain multiple clients. I could never thank you enough!

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